The insignificance of our lifespans

April 29, 2009

Article Link: Scientists spot oldest ever object in universe

Wait, I don’t mean to say that our lives are insignificant.  However, when you account for how old the Universe really is, our lifespans are so miniscule that we round off to a big fat 0.

Last week, scientists detected a gamma ray burst (fancy language for the rays of energy coming from the explosion of a star) that dates back 13 billion years.  Yes, that’s 13 BILLION years!

When we put our lives, our actions, our goals, and our existence into perspective,  we don’t matter all that much to the history of the Universe.  So, just relax when you come across challenges and hurdles.  It’s just a speck in the ocean of history.

Here’s the article, for those interested in the science behind this discovery.


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