A Wednesday

September 8, 2008

“A Wednesday” is by far the best Hindi movie of the year.  Go watch it, and let me know what you think of the conclusion.  Do you agree with it, or are you opposed to that outlook and methodology of solving the particular problem shown in the film?

Don’t read any reviews on it or try to research it.  Trust me – the reviews will spoil it for you and may alter your experience.  

The movie isn’t kid-friendly, so avoid it if you have youngsters.


2 Responses to “A Wednesday”

  1. Premal Shah said

    It was ok. I called the ending before it happened. I think the ending was good for a county like india where people are sicking of living in fear of terrorism. I can imagine the theater full of people clapping at the end. It was interesting that he let the guy go. He did cause a comotion and waste a lot of police resources that day, but it does play on our emotions.

  2. Jay said

    Dont know what all the fuss is about. The movie sucked. From a cinematic stand point – its was bland. Bad acting, Bad direction. The movie was just boring. No way does it keep the audience enticed. Like Premal said the ending was called long before the movie came to an end. Sure, they were trying to deliver a message – but it was the wrong one. Violence against violence may be a necessary form of solving certain issues, but what is portrayed in the movie is not the answer to the worlds problems. Im not saying that we should be all ahimsak like Ghandhiji or MLK…. I agree that in many cases, you must fight Fire with Fire. I find a huge difference between Bhagat singh, Chandrashekhar Asaz, Bose etc and the main character in this movie. The main character in this movie is a coward, hiding behind a facade of fear and terror. Why threaten a police force? Why threaten a city? If you want to go out and kill terrorists, do it openly, why hide…??Violence as a form of self defence is necessary, but when you go out with the motive that Naseeruddin Shah had….thats just pointless. In this case, you become the agressor, and are no better than the terrorist. What did he accomplish in the end? Nothing really. It’s only gonna fuel more terror. Sorry – but though everyone seems to love it… i gotta say it sucks.

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