Michael Phelps’ diet and workout routine

September 1, 2008

Article 1: Michael Phelps’ diet (and why it might kill most people)
Article 2: Michael Phelps’ workout routine (this might kill you too!)
Source: Various blogs

Being the best is all about commitment and willingness to pay the price for it. Eating 12,000 calories and training 6 hours every day — that’s both remarkable and a testament to the word “dedication”. They should just put a picture of Phelps next to the word “dedication” in the dictionary; no definition or interpretation required.

For those who missed all the talk during the Olympics broadcast about this guy’s diet and workout routine, I’ve provided some links that talk about those two.

Back to his diet — I’m not sure eating 12,000 calories every day is very natural for our bodies. In fact, I know it isn’t. I’m sure there’s a price to pay (health-wise) in the long run, even if his doctors claim it’s safe.

11/20/2008 Update: Michael Phelps clarified on a television show (60 Minutes) that the 12,000 figure is inaccurate.  He only eats about 10,000 calories.


In honor of Labor Day and the various labor unions and workers, here’s a post from last year:


3 Responses to “Michael Phelps’ diet and workout routine”

  1. jillian said

    OHH Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. Adding this to my bookmarks. ^_^

  2. jessica said

    at least please give us some more details about his workout please

  3. Phelps is just awesome and an inspiration. Proof that dedication and hardwork are what really counts when it comes to being successful. OK, he may have some natural advantages, but natural advantages only give you an edge, winning is all about hard work.

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