Living to 150 and beyond

June 1, 2008

Article Link:
Source: ABC News

For those of you who missed this special episode on April 1 (it’s not an April Fool’s joke), the days of increased longevity are here. We’ve heard of various characters in mythology living this long (i.e., Bhishma in Mahabharat), but we’ve blown those instances off as “special” situations.

Well, all that is about to change. In fact, some researchers claim that every body part, from our organs to tissue cells, will be replaceable in the next 50 years. Consequently, they are expecting life spans to exceed 1,000 years! Here’s a short video of the program.

Here’s a question: do you think extending life to such extremes is good or bad? Regardless of the stance you take, how do you justify the acceptance of common medicine and vaccines as opposed to something like this (extending life to 1,000 years)?


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