The benefits of Sanskrit, as told by a London school

April 1, 2008

Download Article: Sanskrit required in London school
Source: Aditya Ghosh and Sumana Ramanan, Hindustan Times

A Christian school in London has adopted Sanskrit into its curriculum. Why? After 12 years of monitoring the results of this move, they say that learning Sanskrit helps develop overall cognitive skills and the ability to better learn other topics like math and science.

“This is the most perfect and logical language in the world, the only one that is not named after the people who speak it,” says Warwick Jessup, Head of Sanskrit Dept., St. James Independent School.


One Response to “The benefits of Sanskrit, as told by a London school”

  1. Anonymous said

    Very inspiring !!
    I hope the curriculum currently in place in schools in India that do teach Sanskrit as a language take inspiration from this – and not just the students – but the teachers themselves 🙂

    In the last decade or so, the Sanskrit language has seen a new surge in use and popularity. Organizations like Samskrita Bharati have made
    it their goal to bring the language of India’s heritage to the common person. It is based in New Delhi and has centers across the US, and in
    Australia, England, NZ. The website for those interested 🙂

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