3 approaches to solving problems

January 2, 2008

Article Link: Solving Problems…

This article offers three approaches to solving problems. Choose wisely; your future depends on it.

Happy New Year and please make every effort to stick to your resolutions. If you didn’t make any resolutions, you’re either completely enlightened or entirely void of light. Or, you have another way of ensuring you continue along the path of self-development. If this is the case, please share your methodology for the rest of us.


2 Responses to “3 approaches to solving problems”

  1. Anonymous said

    This is not so much of a comment on the ‘solving problems’ blog as on the topic of Resolutions.

    Resolutions are great for those who either stick with them or at least make a conscious effort to review them throughout the year – to keep track of where they stand compared to what they set out to achieve in the beginning of the year.

    In the past, I must confess of losing track of a ‘written’ resolution and only achieving less than half of the things I had planned for. So I subconsciously devised another system that works well for us.

    We maintain a ‘to-do’ list on a perennial basis.
    This ‘little black book’ contains our aspirations and goals – spiritual, financial, social and personal growth. We keep adding and modifying action items as and when new ideas strike or scratch off previously achieved goals. Some items may have a ‘timeline’ to complete by – but most are perennial – and so in that sense they dont have a ‘complete by’ date. They simply serve as a ‘Reference’ sheet to what we have planned to do or stick to.

    The challenge here again is to remember to ‘review’ this periodically. And while we have not mastered a system of regularity in reviewing our list – reviewing it every time we go to add new ideas usually works for us.

    I also find the naive/child-like approach of using post-its still useful. For example one of the post-its I keep in my line-of-vision is ‘Positive Energy’ 🙂

    One of my resolutions was to share my views on this blog – 1 of 1 so far…. 🙂

    Happy New Year !

  2. Reference sheet, huh? That’s a pretty good idea. We have a mental one, but the problem is that we never go back and review it!

    Post-Its are awesome!

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