Chanakya’s Niti Shastra

December 5, 2007

Download Article: Niti Shastra (Transliteration)

Here’s a transliterated version of Chanakya’s Niti Shastra.

Some of what’s written in the Niti Shastra needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as we all know that meanings and interpretations are very contextual – they may have applied for that specific time and situation. However, I found myself smiling to myself as I read most of this – it still very much applies in today’s world! (Check out Chapter 6, Verse 21. I bet you never thought you could learn something from a donkey)

If you haven’t seen the Chanakya serial already, I highly recommend it. Chanakya has a very candid approach and interpretation to life. There is definitely no beating around the bush.


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