Changing others…

November 1, 2007

Download Article: Changing Others

We all do it. It’s second nature in many (if not all) of us. We try to disperse our knowledge and experiences to others with the intention of sharing. However, somewhere along this path, the intention changes. The change may not be intentional. But gradually, we tend to “share experiences” less and aim to “change others” more.

Often times, we justify this transformation by saying it’s for the other’s development. Often times, it’s to simply inflate our own sense of being and confidence, as if we need to reassure ourselves that we’re headed down the right path. Regardless, it almost always happens at someone else’s expense.

This DailyOM article provides a fresh look at the concept. It forces us to ask where we draw the line? How do we share our experiences without automatically expecting to bring about change in others? We can perhaps draw the line if we’re conscious about preventing ourselves from changing others. But how do we make “un-expectational sharing of experiences” second nature?


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