Freakout point

October 1, 2007

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Source: Del Jones, USA Today

What’s a freakout point? It’s when you push yourself beyond your self-defined comfort zone. It’s when fear overrides logic and rationale. We’ve all gone through it. The question is, “how often?”

We tend to be very cautious in our approach to life. In fact, some cultures are more cautious than others by virtue of their upbringing and socio-religious beliefs. Some may even see the idea of pushing yourself to your “freakout point” as unnecessarily ridiculous. Is it? If so, why?


2 Responses to “Freakout point”

  1. Anonymous said

    Interesting article. I definitely agree that culture plays a big role in defining how often will someone try their ‘freakout’ point. Take sports/athletics in India as an example – there is hardly any ‘extreme sports’ while we do well in cricket, tennis and indoor games like chess, ping pong, billiards, spelling bee !

    Before a child tries to test his/her freakout point – the parents would have freaked out 10 times in magnitude !!

    I believe in pushing your limits to achieve growth/strength and increased confidence. Each step at conquering a freakout point makes you one step closer at being daring enough to test the next freakout point. That being said, I think there is ‘a limit to push your limit’ 🙂 Comfort isnt so bad, unless you are just plain lazy !!

    The one statement that caught my attention in the article was – “.. why teenagers take risks when they have their whole lives ahead of them, while those older and accomplished play it safe.”

    Hmmm …. Not sure. Aah, maybe its the ‘wife-effect’ that makes the adrenaline junkie slow down in life 🙂

  2. […] It’s tough to leave, even for a moment, a familiar perch.  It’s tough to leave our comfort zone.  But, we owe it to our minds to do it. Posted by progressivethoughts Filed in Blog postings […]

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