Tony Blair – Addressing Radicalism

April 25, 2007

Download Article: Addressing Radicalism
Source: Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Tony Blair gave this speech during his visit to Los Angeles in 2006. He imparts some very candid, bi-partisan ideas on how to address the recent surge of radical thinking that’s prevalent throughout the world. He differentiates between a battle of fists and a war of ideology that “must be won” in order to bring back sanity to the world.

It seems these radical movements are here to stay until a force (internal to the very people that harbor these thoughts) can muster enough momentum to change its path. How do you feel about the ideas suggested by Tony Blair? Can it be done? Will they work? Why or why not?

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One Response to “Tony Blair – Addressing Radicalism”

  1. Anonymous said

    Great article! It makes me question what “radicalism” actually means. Any group that goes against the grain of society is considered radical. Of course, the groups that Tony Blair is referring to cause mass destruction and harm innocent people. But let’s forget those group for the moment.

    Any group that wants to bring change in society is radical. Some change, by its very nature, will require the destruction of people/thoughts/ideologies. For example, in the days of the Mahabharat, a war was absolutely required to get rid of those who propagated negative thoughts in society. There simply was no other way. So war was justified (or so it seems).

    So what argument can we provide “radical groups” to convince them that what they’re doing is wrong? These radical groups may think that what they’re doing is for the betterment of society as a whole, even at the cost of innocent lives. Take for example the Islamic radicals. They might think that they are in a war to maintain their traditions by fighting off Western influence. They feel that Western thoughts bring with a lack of morality, culture etc.

    What argument do we give them? This is confusing…!

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