Steve Jobs – “You’ve Got To Find What You Love”

March 30, 2007

Download Article: You’ve got to find what you love
Source: Stanford University News

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple and Pixar) gave this speech at the commencement ceremony for Stanford University’s class of 2005. If you haven’t read it, find out how this amazing personality has overcome the odds that were presented to him throughout his life. If you’ve read it in the past, I urge you to read it again as you’ll undoubtedly see things in a different light this time around.

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One Response to “Steve Jobs – “You’ve Got To Find What You Love””

  1. Anonymous said

    Really nice speech. It clearly shows why he’s been a successful leader – he has the ability to say things that motivate others to act.

    I agree with every word he’s saying. However, it’s so hard to find “what you love” and what your “passion” is. It’s almost ironic that we live 80+ years on this planet without ever truly knowing, much less doing, what we love. So, what are we really doing…?

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