Is India Headed the Right Way?

February 5, 2007

Dowload Article: Is India Headed the Right Way?

Here’s an article the raises important questions about India’s growth and development.

Though everyone agrees that growth is the life-blood and an undeniable element of life, this article forces us to discriminate been the different types of growth and whether they are ultimately positive.

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3 Responses to “Is India Headed the Right Way?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I enjoyed the article very much and it angers me. However, we cannot stop doing what the western world does because it has many benefits. Obviously we cannot continue to do what we always did because that has not worked.

    We have to show and create a third way. This has been done but since the combination of business with spirituality is a new concept it has not yet been popularized. However, everyone in the media has been hinting towards this direction. From Schools teaching the Gita, meditation retreats, and yoga classes. Also, recently the western scientist have started to put data behind meditation and alternative medicine and the corporate word is applying different management practices and seminars in training of employees mindset.

    All this is happening in the West. So once again our people as always will be saved by the westerners.

    Unless we Indian in America and India know about our past and can mesh it with today. It is possible. But I say thank God for the Westerner otherwise, we would not have know if we copied the Ramayana nor this article would not have been written.

  2. Anonymous said

    Nice thought provoking article …

    I think it would be safe to say that most of us have thought along these lines in the recent times ourselves. Practically speaking, progress the way India has been achieving over the past 5 years or so is bound to have its threats. Besides the ones mentioned in the article, I perceive the economic disparity to be a great threat as well. Take Bangalore for example, the plethora of MNC jobs creating a soar in inflation – a software engineer making 1 lakh a month will not feel nearly as strong a pinch as a bank employee still making 10000 rupees. And only 5 years ago, these 2 people were classmates in high school with equal economic standings !

    Compared to the real-life hardships and lifestyles those of born in 70s saw – the kids born in the ‘new generation’ are getting luxuries handed to them with such ease. Makes me wonder – those of us who find this article though provoking – very soon that number may diminish too.

    I dont think that its all bad news though — there are many positive actions taking place that need to be highlighted and need to be duplicated. As I read about yogas/pranayams in this article – one may commend the works of Baba Ramdevji Maharaj. How about the article ‘Developed India’ by Dr. Abdul Kalam and his other ‘visions’? I could list few other optimistic actions, but one prime example is the fact that such an article as this one was written, is being read by all of you and is making us comment here 🙂

  3. Anonymous said

    It’s clear that there are benefits from both Eastern and Western ideologies. The big question really is WHAT do we take from each side and HOW do we adopt it without losing our own culture? The problem with adopting an idea (from either side) is that every idea comes with excess baggage. For example, adopting freedom of speech from the West is a good thing. It enables us to question old traditions that need to be revised. However, it also carries the baggage of “freedom of speech without guidelines or limitations”. We’ve seen the abuse of the Constitution of the United States to justify anything and everything said under the broad umbrella of Freedom of Speech. My point is – any idea comes with the need to moderate or limit its application in everyday life. Otherwise, you start a never-ending spiral of ideological abuse. The intention behind Freedom of Speech is great – but without limits on its application, the original intention is never upheld.

    So…the question is HOW do we take these wonderful ideas of the West and apply them in a manner that doesn’t produce the same, extremities that the West is currently witnessing?

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